Other Awards

'Lumin' has won a few more awards over the last couple months.

-  First place at the Society of Illustrators competition. 
- "Best Student Film" in the Columbus Society of Communicating Arts

'Lumin' Wins Second Telly Award

'Lumin' won a second Telly award in the category of the People's Telly (the first was awarded in the non-broadast category).  Congrats again on more hardware!!!

Award of Excellence from the L.A. Movie Awards

'Lumin' was just recognized by the L.A. Movie Awards with an Award of Excellence.  Due to the large amount of entries, however, the film was not selected to be screened in the festival.  Still good news though.  Congrats again to everyone! 

Another Film Festival!

'Lumin' has been selected to screen in another film festival: The Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI)!  We're really excited that 'Lumin' will be screening essentially all over the world this year!  Congrats again to the team!  This weekend, April 20th, the film will be screening at The Wexner Center in the Ohio Shorts Festival.  Please come and support the film if you can.   Go 'Lumin'!!!

Lumin Credits on IMDB.COM

The full credits for 'Lumin' are now listed on Imdb.com.  The film is currently being entered into festivals, and we hope to start hearing back from some very soon.  We're excited to start getting the film out into the world! 
Link to 'Lumin' on Imdb.com here.

Lumin Movie Poster

Getting our film set up on IMDB.com tonight.  Here is the poster for the film.

Lumin Out to Film Festivals

Currently, Lumin has been sent out to about nine film festivals across the country.  We're shooting for entering the film into about 30+ over the course of the next few months.  As soon as we start to hear from ones the film has been accepted into, we will start to post that information.  We're very excited and hopeful that the film will be seen in a number of festivals around the U.S. and also abroad.  Please stay tuned!!!

lumin: coming soon!

Lumin - Mini Documentary from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

We're getting closer and closer. Are you getting excited for Lumin? We know we are!

animation progress

Hey guys! Here's our latest version:

Updated Animation, November 15 from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

We've got a nice mix of layout, animation, clean-up and color! Now we've just got to get everything to that final stage. :)

the film so far

The most recent version of Lumin:

Updated Animatic, November 5 from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

We are making excellent progress! Some scenes have made it as far as clean-up and color, and we are working on perfecting the post-production light and shadow effects.

The final composite will look similar to:

behind the scenes

Here are a few more shots of us working on Lumin!

We also had award winning composer Sean Beeson come into class last Thursday to talk to us about music for the film! Extremely exciting!

always use reference!

Here is some of the reference footage we shot for the film! Good for a laugh, but also very useful for animating some of the more tricky shots.

Reference for Animated Short Film from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

updated animatic

A pretty significant update to our animatic!

Updated Animatic, October 16 from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

progress shots

Just a few photos of everyone working on the film! Busy busy busy.

layouts, scenes 1-19

Here are some completed layouts for our opening scenes:

Layout, Scenes 1-19 from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

3d tests

Lumin will be combining 3D elements along with 2D animation. Here is one of our early tests combining 3D lighting and shadows with a 2D background.

3D Background Test from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

We wanted to try to save animation time by involving some 3D elements to these creatures, because there will be so many of them. This is one of our early monster tests. 

3D Creature Test from Lumin Film on Vimeo.

background artwork

A large portion of Lumin is going to be the background paintings. We have quite a few scenes and the backgrounds will all be painted individually. Here are some concepts and finished background paintings:

final character designs

Character designs have been finalized!

monster design

Another major element of Lumin is the monsters! There are a lot of them, so we came up with a ton of possibilities for these creatures. We'll have to decide on a more uniform design for them soon.

art by patrick kain

art by aaron zawisa

art by aaron zawisa

art by aaron zawisa

art by alan becker

art by alan becker

art by alan becker

character design

Lumin features two main characters: a young boy and a young girl. This week, we've been coming up with possibilities for the look of these characters.

art by patrick kain

art by aaron zawisa


After about a week or so of intense discussion, critique and a lot of drawing, we've more or less settled on a final board for our film:

We'll be developing the characters and environments further and starting on layout next!

lumin: the film

Lumin is an animated short film created by the Fall 2012 
Advanced Time Based Class at the Columbus College of Art & Design.

We'll be keeping track of our progress frequently and look forward 
to presenting the completed film at the end of December!